Juan Coto, leadership business coach and mental trainer for elite athletes, shares with us how resilience is the key to peak performance and a training framework to become more resilient Peak performance is a term traditionally used in the elite sporting arena which is used more and more in the business world. Peak performance is the “ability to perform at the top range of your abilities independently of the circumstances”. We all have experienced those moments of being “in the zone” which I describe as feeling: energised, committed, confident and carefree. Those moments tend to occur when the circumstances are […]


As the countdown to Brexit begins following UK prime minister Theresa May’s announcement that Article 50 will be invoked spring 2017, research shows senior managers expect organisational changes, but aren’t worried as they feel they’re getting better at managing change. However, senior managers recognise agility and responsiveness, and having the right learning and development, and recruitment policies in place will be crucial, according to research by coaching, team and leadership development business, Full Potential Group. Although 90% of senior managers expect organisational changes ahead of Brexit, 42% are not worried and 26% not at all worried. Some 79% of HR […]


Internal coaches are in a unique position to bring their experience to bear in groups, supporting dynamic and truthful conversations that lead to organisational change, says Sara Hope As internal coaching becomes more embedded in many organisations, sponsors are increasingly looking for ways of capitalising on the value of employing a cadre of internal coaches. Working with a group is different to a one-to-one coaching relationship, and some may argue it uses a different skillset. It requires an appreciation of one’s self and one’s impact within the system. It takes an exquisite ability to be prepared to question and challenge […]