Conference Programme, 2022


The Help Desk and Networking Room is open from 09:00 until 18.30.

Pre-recorded presentations to be released on the day of the conference, including from Angelos Derlopas, and from Eve Turner, Peter Hawkins and Josie McLean.

  • 09.15-09.30: Welcome & Networking
  • 09.30-11.00: Leadership panel with Eunice Aquilina, Lucy Daykin and Tim Spackman
  • 11-15-12.45: Diversity & inclusion panel with Rita Symons, Will James, Felicia Lauw and Sandra Wilson
  • 13.15-14.45: Nature-based coaching panel Stephen Palmer & Siobhain O’Riordan, James Farrell, Diana Tedoldi, Linda Aspey and Charly Cox
  • 15.00-16.30: Innovations & wellbeing panel with Belinda Rydings, Rachael Skews and Liz Hall
  • 16.45-18.15: Digital coaching panel Rachael Skews, Sam Isaacson, David Tinker and Tom Marsden
  • 18.15-18.30: Networking