Event Disclaimer

Coaching at Work conferences, masterclasses, workshops and panel discussions will be referred to throughout this disclaimer as a Virtual Event. Before attending a Virtual Event or watching the subsequent recordings, you have been informed below about items 1 and 2 and you agree the waiver of liability for Coaching at Work Ltd, the staff and also the conference or masterclass sponsors. The Intellectual Property rights restrictions have been included in item 3.

1. Presenters, trainers, panel speakers and discussant opinions and sensitive materials

Presenters, trainers, panel speakers and discussants may express views and opinions which do not necessarily represent the views and opinions of Coaching at Work Ltd, their staff or the event sponsors. Conference papers, masterclass and panel sessions may include personal and sensitive material.

2. Coaching techniques and interventions

Presenters, trainers, panel speakers and discussants may demonstrate a coaching technique or strategy. Coaching at Work Ltd cannot verify the effectiveness or appropriateness of techniques or strategies demonstrated and are not liable for their use. If concerned, you are not obliged to undertake any technique or intervention. They are for demonstration purposes only.

3. Intellectual Property

Coaching at Work Ltd presenters, panel speakers, discussants, sponsors and other contributors to our Virtual Event, warrant that they own, and/or entitled to use and/or have a license for use all Intellectual Property Rights presented as part of this Virtual Event. The permissions will also apply post-event for viewing the video recordings. If you believe that there has been an infringement of your copyright, please notify us immediately.

Virtual Event speakers, discussants, trainers, sponsors and conference attendees shall have no rights to syndicate or exploit (for example, by selling to third parties) any Intellectual Property (for example, content, videos, materials) presented and/or supplied as part of the Virtual Event without written permission of Coaching at Work Ltd.

© 2023, Coaching at Work Ltd

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