Using Zoom: Education Platform

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The Coaching at Work Academy uses Zoom for our virtual training platform. Zoom has powerful collaboration tools, including video breakout rooms, multi-sharing, polling, group lectures and meeting facilities. The video above provides instructions on how to join a zoom meeting.

When using zoom, our trainers and Learners will be able to see and speak to each other in real time, subject to their computers, tablets, iPads or mobile phones having working or activated cameras and microphones. Zoom uses a low bandwidth although a good broadband speed would be beneficial.

The trainer will be able to share their course or programme PowerPoint presentation with the Learners attending a training session. Learners will be able to interact and ask questions and share insights with each other.

Learners will be able to hold discussions or undertake pair-work exercises in confidential breakout rooms with the trainer visiting each room to assist in skills practice or discussion.

When using virtual platforms, it is preferable to have a reasonable broadband speed. Additional items to note if you have a slow broadband speed: turn off any system that may slow down the bandwidth such as dropbox, close unnecessary browser windows, disconnect apparatus that may use bandwidth such as mobile phones connected to the WiFi. If you have not used the Zoom platform previously, you may find it useful to open a free Zoom account and give it a go prior to attending one of our masterclasses. This will provide the opportunity to test your speaker and microphone are functioning.


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