On song

What has music to do with coaching? Rachel Ellison brought her iPod along to a session with a high-level executive. His personal transformation proved to her she was on the right track Go and get your pads on,take your place in the sun From Bangalore to Kingston, the age of revolution… from The Age of Revolution by The Duckworth Lewis Method We’re in the darkened meeting rooms of a global bank in London. Its the 40th floor. Only executive board levels and ‘nearly theres’ are allowed up here. My client is a senior risk manager. We’re talking about emerging markets, […]

Spot the difference

How do you choose between executive and life coaching? Should we even be using labels? Georgina Fuller reveals why personal coaching is a victim of its own image and how the industry views its ‘poor relation’ What’s the difference between a life coach and an executive coach? The question might sound like the start of a bad joke, but put it to a room full of coaches and it’s likely to trigger a hot debate. Historically, life coaching has been seen as the industry’s poor relation, lacking the substance of executive coaching. But isn’t the role of any coach essentially […]

Fitness factory

Engineering firm Festo has evolved in order to retain its changing customer base. By rolling out coaching to its salesforce it has ensured sustainability of learning, says Gary Wyles In recent years, Festo’s operating environment has changed significantly. For many of our customers, product is no longer key. To evolve, adapt and continue to win market share, we have had to become more flexible and aware of this changing customer base. In 1998, Festo, a global engineering and manufacturing organisation, launched ‘Fit for Change’, a company-wide initiative, targeted at our national sales teams. It seeks to improve our ability to […]

How to… coach meritocrats

Surely hard work and talent will get you where you want to be at work? In truth, sought-after posts go to those who look beyond the limits of meritocracy – and it is the coach’s job to help them capitalise on what they do best By SUZANNE DOYLE-MORRIS There is a lie that all organisations like to tell themselves – that only the best and the brightest succeed, creating a ‘naturally occurring’ aristocracy of talent. However, one doesn’t have to look further than the dramatic economic crises of the past 18 months or the dearth of diversity in senior teams, […]

Guardian angel

Darryl Warden found a little coaching went a long way to helping him achieve success in the Great North Run. Could he translate that positive feeling into a coaching culture at South Tyneside Council? I won my race! I completed my first ever Great North Run in the time I wanted to. The feeling was amazing. But what was it that got me to the finishing line? Was it my many hours pounding the streets of Gateshead, doing seven-mile runs from my house to the Angel of the North? Eating properly for four months before the race? Definitely. But I […]

Working it out?

The economic downturn should generate more business for outplacement coaches. So what type of services are they offering, and just how useful are they, asks John Charlton If most people are still coping with the fall out of recession, then outplacement (OP) services providers are some of the lucky few. For them redundancies mean more clients. Layoffs, according to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs figures, cost UK employers £6 billion in redundancy payments last year, with individuals receiving an average of £12,500 each. And next on the redundancy hitlist is the public sector, expected to suffer large job losses after […]

Speech therapy

The Clean Language approach helps clients find ‘new’ answers by thinking differently about the question. The coach plays a vital role here – by keeping out of their way, says Angela Dunbar The late New Zealand psychologist and therapist David Grove pioneered the technique of Clean Language in the 1980s as an effective means to treat patients suffering from traumatic memories. The technique has since gathered momentum as a tool for change within business due, in part, to the work of Carol Wilson of Performance Coach Training, along with Grove before his death in 2008. Reliving trauma Grove discovered that […]

It takes two

Is it possible to coach two people together to a better working relationship? Discovering there was no precedent for pairs coaching, Dave Thornton and Val Sampson developed their own model based on couple therapy As coaches we all appreciate the importance of the one-to-one relationship with our clients. Which is why coaching two people at the same time might seem impossible – or at least a considerable challenge. However, it is possible to work effectively with two individuals to create a better working relationship – and improve their joint performance. The idea for pairs coaching originated two years ago, halfway […]

Where are you at?

Location is key to success when you buy a property, so why shouldn’t it be when it comes to coaching? After all, clients need to feel they matter, says Elaine Smith Many of us return from holidays in inspiring locations charged with new plans and ideas. Indeed, branches of psychology hold that a conducive physical environment is one of the preconditions for learning and change. Yet how much consideration do we, as coaches, give to the question of location beyond the prerequisites of mutual convenience and privacy? I imagine I am not alone in arriving at a client organisation to […]

Inside out

More than 30 years after they first launched modern coaching and Inner Game thinking, Tim Gallwey and John Whitmore believe the approach has more to offer now than ever before Tim Gallwey and Sir John Whitmore, along with Laura Whitworth and Thomas Leonard, are often credited with launching modern coaching in the 1970s. They are also among the main proponents of the Inner Game approach first developed by Gallwey. Despite its links with modern research into mindfulness and neuroscience, Inner Game thinking is still not as widely appreciated by the coaching community as it could be. So Gallwey and Whitmore […]