Edna Murdoch, one of the founders of Coaching Supervision Academy, and an early mover and shaker in the field of coach supervision, tells Liz Hall why who you are is how you work   Edna Murdoch is one of the world’s most renowned coach supervisors and co-founder of the coach supervisor training organisation, Coaching Supervision […]

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    Great to read this interview with Edna, a kindred spirit, who continues to inspire and influence the developing field of supervision. As Edna said I (Fiona) was in at the start of CSA with her and Miriam. I recall we sat in a beachside cafe in Brighton almost 20 years ago cooking up, as it were, some ideas for a supervision programme for coaches. We were so excited to design the Diploma and our Full Spectrum Model and begin to develop the CSA course. The global reach achieved over the past 10 years has shown the attraction to coaches of a course that has breadth and depth, engages the hearts, minds and souls who undertake the training. I have been invited to present at the upcoming American Supervisors Network in Montreal next month and so delighted to discover many CSA graduates from the UK as well as the Americas will be there. I am no longer a member of the CSA faculty but happily carry the banner for the approach that the three of us gave birth to.

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