Guardian angel

Darryl Warden found a little coaching went a long way to helping him achieve success in the Great North Run. Could he translate that positive feeling into a coaching culture at South Tyneside Council? I won my race! I completed my first ever Great North Run in the time I wanted to. The feeling was […]

Working it out?

The economic downturn should generate more business for outplacement coaches. So what type of services are they offering, and just how useful are they, asks John Charlton If most people are still coping with the fall out of recession, then outplacement (OP) services providers are some of the lucky few. For them redundancies mean more […]

Speech therapy

The Clean Language approach helps clients find ‘new’ answers by thinking differently about the question. The coach plays a vital role here – by keeping out of their way, says Angela Dunbar The late New Zealand psychologist and therapist David Grove pioneered the technique of Clean Language in the 1980s as an effective means to […]

It takes two

Is it possible to coach two people together to a better working relationship? Discovering there was no precedent for pairs coaching, Dave Thornton and Val Sampson developed their own model based on couple therapy As coaches we all appreciate the importance of the one-to-one relationship with our clients. Which is why coaching two people at […]

Where are you at?

Location is key to success when you buy a property, so why shouldn’t it be when it comes to coaching? After all, clients need to feel they matter, says Elaine Smith Many of us return from holidays in inspiring locations charged with new plans and ideas. Indeed, branches of psychology hold that a conducive physical […]

Inside out

More than 30 years after they first launched modern coaching and Inner Game thinking, Tim Gallwey and John Whitmore believe the approach has more to offer now than ever before Tim Gallwey and Sir John Whitmore, along with Laura Whitworth and Thomas Leonard, are often credited with launching modern coaching in the 1970s. They are […]