Watch out for client overload

Coaching all day is poor practice and damaging to both coach and client, warns David Clutterbuck. Professor Clutterbuck has spoken out in response to comments in coaching social media about how coaches – particularly those working by telephone – can earn more by cramming more clients into a day. In a blog titled, The Dangers of Wall to Wall Coaching, Clutterbuck writes: “The reality is that coaching all day, with multiple candidates (and especially telephone coaching, with its relatively lean communication environment) is poor practice and damaging to both coach and client.” He cites the following reasons: The human brain […]

Generation Y women could be the first to break elusive glass ceiling

Coaching could hold the key to boosting numbers of women on boards, given its ability to build confidence. Last month (October) the UK government revealed that women now account for 22.8 per cent of FTSE 100 boardroom posts. But progress remains slow and one reason, according to McKinsey’s latest Culture and Mindset report also published last month (October), is lack of confidence. Another study suggests that Generation Y females – in their 20s and early 30s – are best placed to be the first to break the glass ceiling. The report, The Great Generational Shift, which analysed 28,000 psychometric tests, […]

EMCC education hub start of something special

The European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) has launched a learning and sharing hub in the education sector for coaches and mentors. The interest group was launched at an EMCC conference for coaching in education, in London on 16 September. Andrea Berkeley, who leads the group, said EMCC in Education was launched in response to the growth of coaching and mentoring as a means of developing staff and students in schools, colleges and universities. “It was warmly received by an audience of coaches, mentors and training providers from a surprisingly diverse range of workplaces, including NHS, social care, business and […]

Coaching supports women’s team in tough round-the-world ocean race

Coaching supports women’s team in tough round-the-world ocean race The first all-female team to enter the Volvo Ocean Race (formerly Whitbread Round the World Race) in a decade, is being supported by four coaches. Team SCA (Sweden), sponsored by global hygiene business SCA, joined six other teams, including MAPFRE (Spain), setting off for Cape Town, South Africa, from Alicante, Spain on 11 October, on the first leg of a nine-month race, one of the world’s toughest. Coach Joca Signorini, said, “Sailing is a sport with a lot of ‘cross-overs’ to the business environment, especially when you are racing around the […]

ILM unveils ‘robust’ criteria to aid coaching buyers

ILM unveils ‘robust’ criteria to aid coaching buyers The UK’s Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) has urged coaching buyers to adopt more objective selection processes after discovering that some coaches are unable to define coaching and what good coaching looks like. At its coaching conference last month (October), the ILM unveiled two selection methods it has developed as a result of research into the core ingredients for successful coach selection and delivery, which it also presented at the conference at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, Surrey. “It’s fair to say there is still some distance to be travelled for […]

Leaders mentor sportswomen

The first mentoring scheme to connect senior business people with women in sport was launched last month. At the event on 7 October at Google’s UK headquarters, UK Home Secretary Theresa May urged women at work to avoid mimicking men, to celebrate the “different approach” they take professionally compared to men. “We must encourage other women by demonstrating and sharing our own success. Men have networks; men have their champions. So women should too.” Women Ahead, a scheme providing mentors from the business world to female professional athletes and women in leadership roles in the sporting world, is the brainchild […]

What is coaching? Practitioners still aren’t sure

Nearly a quarter of coaches interviewed by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) struggled to define coaching. The ILM’s research to gauge coaches’ understanding of what makes for successful coaching (compared to the literature) and to propose a robust method for selecting coaches, revealed widely varying definitions of coaching. In addition to a literature review, the researchers interviewed 49 coaches of varying experience and background. In both the literature and among respondents, there is a sense of the coach facilitating rather than directing, in a collaborative relationship, and using open questions. However, there was a marked  “apparent confusion and […]

Re-framing the mind

Re-framing the mind Liz Hall Our attributional style- how we interpret events that happen to us – impacts our lives and motivation levels but the good news is that it can be changed boosting resilience and wellbeing. This was one of the messages at this year’s European Mentoring & Coaching Council’s (EMCC) UK conferences held on 8 October in Manchester and 15 October in London. In his plenary on ‘agency and approach motivation: developing resilience through attitudinal change’, Dr. John Parkinson, head of psychology at Bangor University, shared insights from Positive Psychology. He spoke about how coaches can help clients […]