Change must be more human

Former UK ICF president and catalyst for change Neil Scotton offers his personal perspective as a delegate at the ICF Global conference in Malmö, Sweden Global gatherings are always exciting – meeting old friends, making new ones, and feeling the sense of connection, family and professional community.  Yet, to be honest, a part of me was sceptical. The conference in Sweden had a big title: Courage to create change: Coaching for a sustainable future, and it was easy to see in the sessions the connection with courage in our work. But where were the ‘sustainable future’, the systemic, the ‘beyond […]

York aims to be coaching capital of the UK

Bob Garvey reports on the ‘Coaching York’ initiative The ‘coaching way’ offers real potential for people to relate in more productive ways.  The coaching way enables people to think better and uncover great thoughts and ideas, and find better solutions. It builds trusting relationships and encourages self-responsibility – and it helps others do the same. Coaching York (CY) is an example of a group of people attempting to enact the coaching way across a city. It was founded by a small group of like-minded coaches with a passion for coaching and an equal passion to make a difference within the […]

London tops list of favourite workplaces

London is the city people would most like to work in the world, according to a survey by and the Boston Consulting Group. The Decoding global talent survey of more than 200,000 people across 189 countries, revealed that one person in six considers London the most desirable city in which to work, with New York second and Paris third. The UK ranks second in the most appealing country for international jobseekers, after the US.

Guidance for tricky talks

KPMG is sponsoring Business Disability Forum’s (BDF) new guidance publication for line managers titled: Managing difficult conversations. It includes advice about dealing with anger and distress, what to say if an employee may have a mental health condition or another disability and managing conversations that could lead to disciplinary measures.

Boost for BAME

The UK may soon see the introduction of targets or quotas for black, Asian, minority or ethnic (BAME) directors. The UK government’s Business secretary, Vince Cable, plans to investigate the lack of BAME talents in British boardrooms, and may bring in targets or quotas in big companies. The plans come eight months after a study (The Green Park leadership 10,000) found that senior management within the FTSE 100 remains largely white and male and warned a “diversity deficit” is stifling business opportunities.  

Physician mentor thyself

by Linda Miller An international conference on physician health has stressed the important role of coaching and mentoring in developing leadership potential in clinicians and enabling satisfactory work/life balance among this group. More than 300 delegates from 16 countries attended the oversubscribed International Conference on Physician Health on 15-17 September in London. The conference was a collaboration between the British, American and Canadian Medical Associations (BMA, AMA and CMA). The theme was: Milestones and transitions: maintaining the balance. Coaching and mentoring schemes can offer support during transitions, such as when first becoming a doctor, during career transitions, parenthood and retirement. […]

US conference says fostering EI is vital for good mentoring relationships

Last month saw the University of New Mexico (UNM) Mentoring Institute’s seventh annual mentoring conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The theme of the conference on 21-24 October was: Developmental networks: mentoring and coaching at work, focusing on how developmental networks are used in practice in educational settings and in the workplace. In addition to Bob Garvey (see Profile, pages 24-27), speakers included Maggie Werner-Washburne, from UNM. She stressed the importance of fostering emotional intelligence (EI) and psychosocial support in mentoring for the development of scientists and researchers. She argued that understanding and meeting the wide range of needs for young […]

ICF delegates challenge bias against creativity

More than 400 delegates from more than 40 countries flocked to Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, on 18-20 September for the International Coach Federation (ICF) Global conference. The theme was: Courage to create change: courage for a sustainable future, and the conference was hosted jointly by five ICF chapters: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Poland. Speakers included Alf Rehn, chairman of management and organization at Åbo Akademi, University in Finland, who spoke on: Developing innovative thinking (this time without the bullshit). Professor Rehn said that while innovation and creativity are viewed as core personal competencies, they are being used increasingly […]

No cop-out for law officers

Senior police officers have told a personal resilience survey carried out by the Police Superintendents’ Association (PSA) that they face “bullying behaviour” from higher-ranking managers. The survey also revealed a long hours culture driven by a desire not to look weak, further damaging officers’ health.

Big it up – or not

Over-confident people can often make others develop an exaggerated view of their skills and capabilities, according to research by Newcastle University and the University of Exeter. The study found a direct link between how individuals view their own talents and how they’re perceived by peers. Examples included over-confident individuals often getting high predicted examination grades, regardless of final scores, and people with an unjustifiably high opinion of themselves being more likely to be promoted at work. However, Dr Vivek Nityananda, research associate at Newcastle University, warned that people who overrate themselves and deceive others about their capabilities can be more […]