Greece’s recent economic woes have overshadowed what is important and what is clutter. Coaching can help our people find meaning and empowerment Angelos Derlopas It’s rare to be asked how things are going in Greece nowadays. After the ‘drama tsunami’ that hit us around 2012, life has become quieter here. Now that we don’t make […]


Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, has a strong reputation for success, and its high potential students are being coached to help them achieve their goals I belong to the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India’s premier technology institute. Lots of students vie for a place every year. The brand is so strong, that just entering the […]


Transforming Rwanda Digital transformation, the fourth industrial revolution, has the potential to deliver economic growth to Rwanda, but only if its talent can be nurtured We’ve arrived in Kigali, capital of Rwanda. One of Africa’s smallest countries, surrounded by Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, it is home to about 11 million […]


With almost 60 million people in crisis, displaced from their homes, the EMCC conference in Istanbul reminded us to get in touch with our common humanity By Liz Hall I’m sitting on the deck of a cruise boat chugging along the river Bosphorus in Istanbul, along with fellow EMCC International conference participants. Lights of luxury […]


Barbara Asimakopoulou Greece is recovering from its economic collapse. Could coaching help it ‘rebound’? I can vividly remember that September in 2008, when suddenly, having just got back from holiday, something had changed in Greece forever. The past was gone; things would never be the same again. At the time, some predicted the worst was […]

Still waters

Letter from Bhutan The people of Bhutan lack material things, but are rich in spirituality. Can we embrace this in our practices? Amanda Ridings The silence in Bhutan is profound. I could almost reach out and touch it – intense, resonant, forgiving. It seems able to absorb any sound: words and talk simply dissolve into […]

Letter from Russia – To Russia with love

SALLY-ANNE AIREY Managers in Russian businesses want to be heard, and the coaching profession is starting to respond Talking to a Russian friend in business here, I asked if it was fair to say that Russian business people were motivated entirely by money. 
“Oh yes,” he replied, “of course.” This outlook, and its related behaviour, […]

Letter from Bulgaria – Sofia’s choice

Peter Goryalov Coaching is in its infancy in Bulgaria. Change must happen from the inside out if it is to gain a foothold Recently, I attended a conference about Bulgaria’s image, organised by Manager business magazine. Government officials, business leaders and intellectuals explored the future while travelling by train, dubbed the Manager Express. The minister […]

Letter from Switzerland

Switzerland is culturally highly diverse. Coaching must adapt if it is to be understood and accepted Swiss Watcher Maren Donata Urschel After 12 years of living and working in London, I moved to Lugano (canton Ticino) in the Italian speaking part of Switzerland last year. It’s been a wonderful time, full of learning, discovery, meeting […]

Letter from Spain – Gain in spain

César Fernández Coaching is growing in Spain as businesses ‘reinvent’ the rules to meet the difficult economic climate International Coach Federation (ICF) Europe figures for March 2011 put Spain fourth in Europe in terms of membership numbers, after the UK, Switzerland and France. The Spanish chapter also achieved 58 per cent membership growth in one […]