MENTORING By Lis Merrick In our latest column dedicated to mentoring, we look at using gender when matching. Should we carry on minimising its effect, or start maximising it instead? So much matching actually seeks to play down the gender angle, but I believe that in effective design it is possible to use gender creatively […]


Mentoring In our latest column dedicated to mentoring, we look at ways a mentor can support vulnerable young people. This issue: beginning a journey that is safe for mentor and mentee DUNCAN DYASON AND LIS MERRICK Neglected children can face poor life outcomes, but mentoring interventions can reverse such negative pathways During the late 1990s, […]


Lis Merrick In the latest in a series of columns dedicated to mentoring, we look at intellectual capital. This issue: how mentoring can spearhead knowledge management in your organisation Strategic mentoring can harness the power of your staff’s tacit knowledge and enhance productivity The knowledge and skills of a workforce (its intellectual capital) are an […]


Many mentoring initiatives fail, many mentors don’t know what they are meant to be doing and meetings between mentor and mentee are often reduced to “having lunch”, suggests research. Senior leaders working as mentors, and their mentees, reported that most initiatives were not very successful and the results disproportionate to the time invested, according to […]


In the latest in a series of columns dedicated to mentoring, we look at why things sometimes go wrong. This issue: avoiding unpleasant outcomes in even the best-designed programmes Lis Merrick Well-managed mentoring regularly leads to great outcomes – but beware of difficult relationship issues This is probably the most provocative column I have written […]


In the latest in a series of columns dedicated to mentoring, we look at learning with contextual intelligence. This issue: shaping leadership effectiveness and organisational performance LIS MERRICK Leaders can use mentoring to develop their adaptive capacity through contextual intelligence Is your organisation operating in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world? One of […]


LIZ DIMMOCK In this new column, Liz Dimmock will share lessons for mentoring and coaching from the sports world. This year she is leading a team of women cyclists around the globe. Sport has the potential to be a positive catalyst for girls and women. Just think of Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton, Ironman Chrissie Wellington, […]


In the latest in a series of columns dedicated to mentoring, we look at how to support mentors and mentees when saying farewell to each other. This issue: winding up the relationship

by Lis Merrick

Be careful how you close a mentoring relationship. Loose ends can undo good work and create more issues

Saying goodbye in a mentoring relationship can be fraught with difficulty, particularly in an organised mentoring programme. Too many mentors and mentees breathe a sigh of relief when they know their six, nine or twelve-month deadline is coming up and they can close their relationship down and feel they have done their duty by their mentoring partner. I find…


Internal coaches are in a unique position to bring their experience to bear in groups, supporting dynamic and truthful conversations that lead to organisational change, says Sara Hope As internal coaching becomes more embedded in many organisations, sponsors are increasingly looking for ways of capitalising on the value of employing a cadre of internal coaches. […]

Physician mentor thyself

by Linda Miller An international conference on physician health has stressed the important role of coaching and mentoring in developing leadership potential in clinicians and enabling satisfactory work/life balance among this group. More than 300 delegates from 16 countries attended the oversubscribed International Conference on Physician Health on 15-17 September in London. The conference was […]