How can we improve the effectiveness of the coach-client matching process? Sophie Bruas shares lessons from a programme in Africa   Designing an effective coaching programme raises many questions about how best to match clients and coaches, such as how do you achieve best fit and what role does the coach’s qualification, gender and culture play in the coaching’s success? Our research into coach-client matching drew some fascinating conclusions – including surprising results on the impact of personality fit. We organised a coaching programme for 24 CEOs and C-Suite executives in the financial services sector in the wider East and […]


Poor sleep can have a serious effect on memory and decision-making – hardly a recipe for success in business. Coaches need to be prepared to give some clients the ‘wake up’ call they need, says Vicki Culpin   You may be shocked to hear that 17 hours of wakefulness can bring down a person’s level of alertness to the equivalent blood alcohol reading of 0.05%, a level that would break the legal drink-driving limit in more than 90 countries. Poor quality and quantity of sleep can have a dramatic impact, both personally and in the workplace. The behaviours an individual may […]


Working hard, having fun and remaining curious have been the guiding principles of Tim Dench’s career. They’ve helped him take coaching and mentoring from a small pilot at Euroclear to a successful company-wide initiative across 11 countries. Liz Hall reports   Eight or so years ago, Tim Dench, Euroclear’s head of coaching and mentoring, was considering leaving the organisation, and he hated coaching. Now he’s a huge champion of both coaching and mentoring. Dench has spearheaded a multi-faceted coaching and mentoring initiative at Euroclear which has seen coaching grow from a small pilot into an effective, performance-orientated coaching department with […]


A coach training programme at international legal practice Osborne Clarke has produced both a cohort of internal coaches and a business support function that has led to improved talent retention and progression, an enhanced brand and reduced coaching costs. Guy Buckland reports   As an international legal practice, Osborne Clarke (OC) stands or falls by the quality of its people, and needs to attract, retain and progress talent from diverse backgrounds. In spring 2016, we conducted a review of our lawyer population and identified a need to improve the following key business drivers (KBDs): The rate of progression of talented […]


What are the new rules for engagement post #MeToo? Jonathan Passmore and Claire Collins share research on changing attitudes to relationships, and offer some pointers for a #UsAll coach world   The past year has seen a proliferation of news stories about inappropriate behaviour, sexual harassment and sexual assault. These have highlighted the fact that after more than 40 years of sex equality legislation in the UK, misogynistic and sexist behaviours are still rife in the workplace. Indeed, a recent study has shown that one in three women has been sexually harassed at work in the past 12 months (The […]


How do coach supervisors respond to ethical dilemmas and tricky issues? In the last of this two-part series, Jonathan Passmore, Eve Turner and Marta Filipiak conclude their research   In the last issue we asked whether coaches and their supervisors could be equally culpable if they unwittingly collude with their clients against the wider interests of the client organisation and of society. In this second part of the series, we review coach supervisor responses to ethical dilemmas and tricky issues, picking up on four further themes from our research. We offer insights for coaches and their supervisors which may help […]


Millennials will form half of the global workforce by 2020. Understanding how to engage them is a must, but many employers are missing a trick when it comes to doing so through coaching and mentoring, suggests research. Carola Hieker and Harshada Topale report   Millennials, the generation born between 1980 and 2000, will form 50% of the global workforce by 2020 and therefore shape the workplace for years to come (PwC, 2012). It’s vital then, that organisations ensure they accommodate millennials’ desires and needs. A study by Richmond, the American International University in London, asked HR professionals how they’re accommodating […]


Award-winning corporate coach and Zen Buddhist chaplain Claire Genkai Breeze wants to help leaders to challenge the status quo and lead a purposeful work life – from the inside out. She does this by living simply, out of the spotlight, she tells Liz Hall   Among ‘engines’ driving Claire Genkai Breeze, highly experienced corporate coach and coach supervisor, Zen Buddhist chaplain, and Coaching at Work award winner, are the practices of ‘nothing special’, ‘being nobody, going nowhere’ (teachings of Buddhist Ayya Khema) and “not believing my own press”. So she’s a hesitant ‘cover girl’. At the same time, she’s all […]


Is the team you’re coaching dysfunctional? Or is it an ‘extra-dependent team’? And if so, how do you coach it? David Kesby reports   Extra-Dependent Teams define a phenomenon that I first tentatively identified more than 12 years ago when I was still relatively new to coaching, yet had plenty of experience managing and developing teams. When people think of a team, the mental model they have is of a group of people working together towards a common goal. In that definition teams distinguish themselves from groups, which don’t work together and don’t have a common goal. I’m sure as […]


We need more good supervisors, argues Erik de Haan. Why? Because it’s special work that it’s a privilege to be involved in. It throws a light on deep-set, often confidential, problems and helps brings solutions to the fore.   The more I do this ‘executive coaching’ work, the more I realise how precious and effective it is. My gratitude for the opportunity to work with highly personal change is ever increasing. Nearly every one of my coaching sessions has at least one moment where my client makes an important link that helps to shine a completely different light on a […]