Two and a half years ago, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust shared how its internal coaching and mentoring service was improving patient care, among other benefits. In this series, we look at the Trust’s latest steps towards developing a coaching and mentoring culture. Part 2: Introducing a peer coaching supervision programme. Hannah Datema, Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice report   In 2013, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust launched an internal coaching service to train and develop an internal register of coaches to coach staff, supporting their personal and professional development and performance. By 2016, 300 staff […]


Coaching boosts women’s legitimacy to lead in male-dominated workplaces and could have a pivotal role in shifting to gender parity. Kate Oldridge reports   It will take more than 200 years for women to have the same pay and employment opportunities as men by current trends, according to the World Economic Forum (2018). However, this timeline could shorten dramatically as part of the widespread social and political sea change in how we tackle gender inequalities in society and male-dominated workplaces. My research at Henley Business School (Oldridge, 2019) highlights the potentially pivotal role leadership coaching can play in bringing about […]


‘Pairs coaching’ may be just what’s needed to support executive leaders to navigate and enhance relationships within extreme uncertainty and complexity, argue Baz Hartnell and Lucy Ball     Today’s senior leaders increasingly make huge decisions collectively about complex problems with no known answers. This requires a deeper understanding of relationships with peers and subordinates and how to enhance them. Augmenting existing one-to-one coaching programmes with ‘pairs coaching’ offers a powerful way to do this.   The challenges As individuals, organisational leaders may be super intelligent and have highly developed expert knowledge in their respective functional areas which has served them […]


Edna Murdoch, one of the founders of Coaching Supervision Academy, and an early mover and shaker in the field of coach supervision, tells Liz Hall why who you are is how you work   Edna Murdoch is one of the world’s most renowned coach supervisors and co-founder of the coach supervisor training organisation, Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA). Core to the CSA’s philosophy is the idea that, ‘who you are is how you coach and supervise’. So who is Murdoch? She’s eloquent, wise and very present, practising what she preaches to students about attending to what’s unfolding in the moment. It […]


A Croatian and UK partnership has developed a student mentoring programme in Croatia to increase internship opportunities in the workplace. Jane Rexworthy reports on a highly successful project   In September 2016, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) partnered with the Croatian Employers’ Association (HUP) and UK-based skills and quality assurance experts, People 1st International, to develop an internship and mentoring programme for students in Croatia. In partnership with employers, this initiative was designed to open work internship opportunities for students. The project has yielded outstanding results, with more than 135 employers signing up to participate in the […]


Just over two years ago, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust shared in this magazine how its internal coaching and mentoring service was improving patient care, among other benefits. In this series, we look at the Trust’s latest steps towards developing a coaching and mentoring culture. Part 1: background, updates on the internal service, and the online learning programme. Hannah Datema and Bhaveet Radia report   The NHS has experienced profound financial challenges in recent years, requiring staff to provide the best patient care possible with ever-tightening funding. In 2013, Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust decided to […]


Figure 1     While much quantitative research anchors the effectiveness of coaching in behaviour, a review of qualitative research highlights the importance of emotions too. Tünde Erdös shares her holistic model for working with a wider range of factors in coaching   Much current thinking on what constitutes good coaching practice assumes coaching is a simple, linear behavioural change intervention, even though in practice as coaches we know it’s much more complex. My systematic review of a wealth of qualitative research suggests not only that goal attainment is complicated but also that coaches often jeopardise the chances of effective […]


Alison Hodge has a passion for learning, both for herself and her clients. It’s at the heart of everything she does as an award-winning coach supervisor. Liz Hall reports   Adventurous, playful and provocative, award-winning coach supervisor champion Alison Hodge has found learning gold in many ways, including on a group trek in Nepal, practising Tai Chi and through bereavement and in developing Bell’s Palsy. And she’s made it her life’s work to help others learn too. A big player in the development of coach supervision in the UK, Hodge won the Contributions to Coaching Supervision award in the Coaching […]


How do we apply what we’ve learned about coaching teams to coaching multiple, interdependent teams, to teams of teams? David Clutterbuck reports   Just as focusing on individual performance doesn’t necessarily lead to improved collective (team) performance, high performing teams don’t necessarily work together to deliver a high performing organisation. In his book, Team of Teams, retired US Army General Stanley McChrystal offers examples of how functional silos within organisations or even within departments can undermine performance overall. Every increase in the efficiency of a narrow slice of the organisational system can reduce the effectiveness of the whole. These insights aren’t completely […]


Ian Day, leadership coach and co-author of Challenging Coaching, describes the greatest challenge he’s had to face and what he learnt from it   What’s it like to be dead?” I was asked. Maybe this was real after all and not a bad dream, I thought. According to the British Heart Foundation there are more than 30,000 out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in the UK each year, with an overall survival rate of fewer than one in 10. I’m one of the 10% that survived. There are times when we take things for granted. Not questioning how lucky we are, not recognising […]