Welcome to the April 2012 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the April 2012 issue of the newsletter How can we deal with complexity? This is one of the questions driving business leaders nuts, particularly when it comes to sustainability, according to some of the coaches I speak to. One says it’s causing ‘stratospheric stress’ levels in leaders. As coaches, we need to first […]

Coaching ‘ideal tool’ for adopters

Coaching firm Talking Talent has launched a coaching programme to help staff during the adoption process, plus their line managers. The programme is in response to the UK government’s reform on adoption to speed up the process. The coaching focuses on how to communicate adoption plans to the boss, colleagues and suppliers; work handovers; managing, […]

Senior women ‘holding back’

Women who aspire to reach the boardroom are less likely than their male counterparts to be offered coaching by their employers. Stepping into a new leadership role was the most common reason for organisations to sponsor both senior men and women for coaching (59 per cent of women; 46 per cent of men), according to […]

UK ICF runs for charity challenge gold at Olympic stadium

A handful of British coaches has run the 100m as part of a 1,000-strong 4×4 relay in the Olympic stadium. Team UK ICF, which included current UK International Coach Federation’s (ICF) president Hilary Oliver and immediate past president Deborah Price, were among 1,000 members of the public running inside the stadium in front of 20,000 […]

Troubleshooter: Credit Where It’s Due

Conspired against by her unusual, yet highly effective skills, hired by the  ‘wrong’ division and stalled in management fast-track, this clever, yet frustrated, specialist wants the recognition she deserves. But how? Margaret is a highly skilled, educated and intelligent technical specialist working for a blue-chip organisation. She is recognised by peers and seniors for her […]

Consuming Passion

Unilever’s Global Mentoring Programme aims to guide its high-potential women into senior roles at the consumer goods giant. Now the course has evolved beyond mentoring, and into sponsorship, too. Katherine Ray reports The Unilever Global Mentoring Programme was launched in March 2009. It had one main objective: to aid the development and accelerate the readiness of […]

The Health Coaching Toolkit

What is health coaching and how does it differ from wellbeing coaching? What are the best models to use and can anyone do it? Health coaching expert Professor Stephen Palmer gives us the answers in this four-part health coaching toolkit.

Part 1: Setting the scene: definitions, theory and practice
Health and wellbeing coaching is not rocket science, although it is a specialism within the field of coaching and health. Somewhat surprisingly, studies have shown that the layperson can be successfully trained to become an effective health coach to work in primary care settings, although ongoing monitoring is important.

Health and wellbeing coaching, therefore, does not have to be the exclusive domain of licensed health professionals, although the latter may be involved in the training and supervision of lay health coaches.

Profile: Kim Morgan

Standard Raiser Kim Morgan is a pioneer in the field of coach education. Her passion and professionalism has touched the lives of many of her students. And it’s what made her our Coaching Person of the Year 2011. Liz Hall finds out more Kim Morgan, founder of Barefoot Coaching, has certainly made her mark on […]

Shared Voices

In the last in our three-part series of articles exploring the role of coaching and mentoring in addressing the social, economic and environmental challenges of the 21st century, we hear from professional coaching and mentoring bodies in a unique ‘dialogue’. Part three: The professional bodies in conversation In the last in our three-part series of […]

Freedom Fighters

How do you coach to the positive in extreme negative situations? Eric Foley and Richard E Boyatzis help two defectors from North Korea make sense of their past, and their future. Mr Bae, a North Korean, sat in jail for 13 months, without charge, as a possible traitor, while the North Korean authorities investigated him. […]