Leadership coach, Neela Bettridge, helps women leaders move up to – and then beyond – board level. It’s not a simple journey, but Bettridge travels with her clients every step of the way. Liz Hall reports   Let’s face it, sometimes it’s women themselves who fail to support other women in achieving their aspirations, or who actively block them. However, board adviser, leadership coach and executive mentor Neela Bettridge is no such woman. Alongside sustainability, ethnic diversity and working with millennials, gender equality is an issue that motivates Bettridge deeply. And Bettridge, a former lawyer, former charity CEO and the […]

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The new normal

Neela Bettridge and Philip Whiteley A new book argues that the principles of coaching are incompatible with the conventional business model In coaching, the focus is on personal preparation and personal qualities, and it is tacitly assumed that this agenda is consistent with the ideas that have underpinned the business model. As weaknesses in the 20th century MBA, and the economic theories that underpin it, become more evident following unexpected banking and market collapses, shouldn’t coaches and their more enlightened clients be helping shape a business model for the 21st century? Specifically, can a model assuming the human to be […]

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Viewpoint – Impact statement

Neela Bettridge Business leaders can use coaching to learn how to balance short-term goals against long-term sustainability We are living in a time of huge change. Following banking failures and subsequent economic crisis, the dominant short-term business model has come under scrutiny. Executives must now deliver the same short-term financial results for their organisations while considering long-term stewardship and environmental responsibility. I am wholeheartedly in favour of this switch in emphasis towards sustainability. The idea that companies can accelerate their growth continually, on a tacit assumption of infinite resources, is untenable as well as unethical. This is especially the case […]

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