A manager in an offshore bank is finding the jurisdictions under her control isolated and antagonistic. Can she improve this with a limited coaching budget?   The Issue Dani is a mid-level manager in an offshore bank responsible for regulatory compliance of anti-money laundering activities. She oversees the reporting of suspicious financial activity across six legal and financial jurisdictions in western Europe. Dani’s team is made up of reporting officers with sole responsibility for their respective jurisdictions. Two members support cross-jurisdiction issues. The team totals nine people, including Dani. But there are deep and long-standing issues. There is distrust and […]

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Georgina Woudstra seeks to stimulate thinking around team coaching. Guest writer, Declan Woods, examines moving from non-cooperation to collaboration   In this issue I’ve invited Declan Woods to share his ideas on team collaboration, in particular what he calls ‘team glue’, a dimension from Middle Circle® for Teams (Coaching at Work, vol 13, issue 5), a coaching tool for team effectiveness he created, drawing on his doctoral research on dysfunction in senior teams: Teams should be greater than the sum of their parts. For this, they need to collaborate. Teams are the basic means by which organisation’s structures work and […]

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Friction within a team of healthcare consultants is being felt throughout the organisation. Can a team coaching intervention help heal the rift? THE ISSUE Marcus, the HR director in a healthcare organisation, is keen to find an intervention to reduce conflict in a team of consultants. The conflict has built up over a number of years, as two or three consultants have come into the team with a different skill set and more innovative approaches. There has been enthusiastic championing of innovative techniques and practices, with some positive impact on outcomes. However, as things have progressed, a surprising, persistent and deep […]

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