TROUBLESHOOTER A school leader feels judged by her peers and judges them in her turn. She is angry, defensive and exhausted. A focus on compassion could hold the key THE ISSUE Beatrice is a department head at an independent secondary school in which teachers, pupils and management are under enormous pressure to deliver impressive academic […]


A coaching company has a long-term relationship with a multinational technology business. The lead coach values her catch-ups with the firm’s HR director. But during coaching, her corporate client shares his perspective on a senior manager, and it raises practical and ethical difficulties for the coach. A global technology firm uses coaching as a development […]


Staff at an ambitious new ad agency are looking forward to exciting times ahead, but they face challenges too. Youth and talent are on their side, but they lack experience in sales and development – essential for future success. Can coaching help? A new, medium-sized advertising agency has big ambitions, wanting to grow into a […]


A medium-sized building firm wants to develop a coaching culture following a recent change in management. The current culture is macho, blame-heavy and suffers from a chronic case of ‘knowledge is power’. How can the HR director begin the process of change and win over the board? Construct UK Ltd is a medium-sized business employing […]


The boss of a large organisation finds himself mired in its day-to-day running, pulled in by senior managers who rely heavily on him for answers. How can he extricate himself and concentrate instead on furthering his company’s strategic business aims? John is managing director of a multi-million pound business that is looking to increase its […]


An interim management role has thrown up some problems for a talented and committed employee, who until now has been overlooked for promotion. She feels negative and undervalued despite her considerable skills. What is her next move?  Ava is hugely valued in her organisation for her very specific expertise. However, she has seen a pattern […]

TroubleShooter: Fear no fall

Anna has been offered a once in a lifetime project that will truly stretch her mentally. But the hugeness of what lays ahead has stifled her creativity. She cannot take the first step to bring it to fruition – and has completely locked down instead. Could coaching get her unstuck? Anna has been given a […]

TroubleShooter: Growing pains

An independent coach has found herself unable to move on from an unresolved coaching assignment. She blames herself for its lack of conclusion, and is now having serious doubts about her ability to continue with her work. Could supervision with a fellow coach find a path through for her? Angela has been working as an […]

TroubleShooter: flexible flyer?

An associate in a leading law firm attends a half-day workshop, then two sessions of coaching as part of the firm’s leadership development programme. On paper, he is highly focused, yet his main contribution to the workshop was a series of “Yes, but…” responses. Are his comments a key to his disengagement? Param is cited […]