TroubleShooter: Fear no fall

Anna has been offered a once in a lifetime project that will truly stretch her mentally. But the hugeness of what lays ahead has stifled her creativity. She cannot take the first step to bring it to fruition – and has completely locked down instead. Could coaching get her unstuck? Anna has been given a new project at work that potentially offers a huge opportunity for her to learn as well as show what she’s truly capable of. However, the novelty of the project and its challenges are paralysing her with indecision. What is going to help her take the […]

TroubleShooter: Twisted priorities

The owner of a successful company finds himself nailing all his corporate goals, yet failing to achieve them in his private life. He is tired and irritable. How can this business owner find a way of having success and personal fulfilment too? Mike has run a large mechanical service company for the past 15 years. Business is going as well as ever. He has hit his growth, revenue and profit goals consistently. In fact, business has far exceeded his wildest dreams, especially given his stage of life: he is 40, married and has two children. Mike is also the least […]

TroubleShooter: Growing pains

An independent coach has found herself unable to move on from an unresolved coaching assignment. She blames herself for its lack of conclusion, and is now having serious doubts about her ability to continue with her work. Could supervision with a fellow coach find a path through for her? Angela has been working as an independent coach for three years. She is starting to build a reputation locally and is now attracting a regular stream of work. She has some undergraduate coaching qualifications that she undertook before leaving corporate life, in order to set up as a coach. After a tough […]

TroubleShooter: flexible flyer?

An associate in a leading law firm attends a half-day workshop, then two sessions of coaching as part of the firm’s leadership development programme. On paper, he is highly focused, yet his main contribution to the workshop was a series of “Yes, but…” responses. Are his comments a key to his disengagement? Param is cited as a leading individual in his area of corporate finance law in The Legal 500, and seen as highly valuable to the firm. He has been tipped as a high flyer on a prestigious new leadership development programme. Yet, in the workshop and in the […]

TroubleShooter: Delivering the goods

An experienced senior manager will be returning to work part-time after her maternity leave. Can she effectively maintain a professional and personal life within the hours of her post-maternity contract? Susan is a service manager of a global company that contributes to the growth, profitability and efficiency of the parent company. She is a member of the division that is based in the UK and has a long-standing and well-established career with the company. Susan is shortly going on maternity leave and will soon have two children under the age of five. She would like to continue to develop herself […]

Troubleshooter: Collision course

The strategic head of a global telecoms organisation is considered integral to the business. But when a new CEO arrives with his own team, the head is left isolated and unclear of his role. What now? Colin is a vice president of a multinational telecommunications company. He was hired as head of strategy for his experience and exceptional capability in thinking critically. He was a crucial member of the executive team. The board of directors then replaced the current CEO with whom Colin had had a very constructive relationship. The new CEO wanted to bring in his own people, but […]

TroubleShooter: Let’s make tracks

A coach is finding that some of her clients are becoming stuck. They can see changes they want to make, but ingrained behaviour keeps setting them on the wrong path. Time to bring in neuroscience? Madeleine is curious to see whether neuroscience can shed any light on a problem many of her clients face. She says these clients come to coaching because they have recognised certain patterns of behaviour they’d like to change. But even with good coaching, with her or others, some get frustrated or even completely stuck. One client, Joe, says he wants to be more assertive, but […]

TroubleShooter: The path less stressed

A corporate high flier finds herself at a careers crossroads. How can this executive choose a path that maintains a positive career, while balancing work commitments with personal ones? Andrea has been employed by a leading global bank for nearly 20 years. She is considered a high flier and is a member of the company’s leadership team. The bank values its employees and has a record of longevity with its people. Andrea never planned her career; she simply accepted the promotions and opportunities. She is considered the ‘go-to girl’ for executives wanting to ‘get things done’. Andrea is now being […]

TroubleShooter: give me a break!

A successful sales manager has been given a major management role. Unexpectedly, he finds himself overwhelmed by demands and unable to make an impact in his role. Can coaching give him space? Adam has recently been promoted to head up the drinks products division of a packaging giant. His background in sales means he knows how to drive results and engage people. He has worked hard to get to the top and this is his first major general management position. Everything seems set up for a smooth transition into the new role. However, as soon as he walks into his […]

Troubleshooter: Man of the world

Jon is a senior sales director with a solid history of success leading teams. However, they have always been British, and he must now lead a multicultural team. How can he negotiate the cultural divides? Jon is an experienced senior manager, currently EMEA sales director in a global engineering company. He has recently moved divisions and now leads a multinational and remote team. Trying to create a sense of teamwork and sharing of best practice is proving quite a challenge. Jon is British and has led mainly British teams – with a significant level of success. Taking on this new […]