Melitta Campbell shares some lesser known and surprising ways to secure sustainable growth in your coaching business. This issue: cut your client list


Whaaaat, turn away clients?! I know, it goes against every fibre of our entrepreneurial being to think of not working with every client that comes our way, but I feel quite passionate about this tip. I think you will too by the end of this article.

You see, not all clients are born equal.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever worked with a client that you didn’t enjoy? A client that didn’t appreciate your work, your processes, or basic requirements (like paying you on time and showing up for their sessions)? A client that you accepted even though your instincts were shouting, ‘Run away!’

I don’t think I’ve ever met a coach who hasn’t had a least one client (often many) who turned out to be more hassle than they were worth.

It’s only natural to pick up some of these ‘pain in the derrière’ clients. None of us are infallible. But it’s important to make it your mission to avoid them as much as possible.

The problem with wrong clients

While it’s easy to believe that every new client will grow your business and revenue, this is a myth. The wrong clients will in fact run your coaching business into the ground. Here are three reasons why:

  • Clients who don’t appreciate your work or processes will demand more of your time and attention than they should. Leaving you with less time and energy to dedicate to your other clients or business-building activities.
  • The wrong clients will have a negative impact on your mindset and send you into a spiral of self-doubt. Am I good enough? Do I really have what it takes? Have I made the right choice? Should I just get a normal job?
  • The wrong clients won’t rave about you to their network or give you the quality of testimonial and feedback you need to continue growing your business. They may even do the exact opposite, diminishing your brand and reputation.

Identifying the right clients

The easiest way to stop working with the wrong clients, is to start attracting more of the right ones. This means that you first need to know who they are! Your right-fit clients are also known as your ‘niche’.

Here are three ways to identify your ideal clients:

  • Look back at your past clients. Who did you most enjoy working with? Who did you get the biggest results for? Who gave you the best feedback?
  • What type of person is willing and able to pay your full fees?
  • Who is looking for the results that you are most excited to deliver for people?

Answer those questions and you’ll soon have a clear picture of your perfect client. Then all you need to do is determine where you can find them, and what would motivate them to work with you? You can then build your messaging and marketing around this information.

Once you focus on only attracting and working with your ideal clients, you’ll soon see your business and impact grow – along with your personal satisfaction and happiness.

  • Next issue: Trust your instinct


  • Melitta Campbell is an award-winning business coach who is passionate about helping coaches to master their marketing so they can have a bigger impact on the world. Melitta is also the best-selling author of A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking, Your Book Your Way, 2021), and hosts the Driven Female Entrepreneur podcast: www.melittacampbell.com/podcast

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