Troubleshooter: Man of the world

Jon is a senior sales director with a solid history of success leading teams. However, they have always been British, and he must now lead a multicultural team. How can he negotiate the cultural divides? Jon is an experienced senior manager, currently EMEA sales director in a global engineering company. He has recently moved divisions and now leads a multinational and remote team. Trying to create a sense of teamwork and sharing of best practice is proving quite a challenge. Jon is British and has led mainly British teams – with a significant level of success. Taking on this new […]

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Let’s get human

Twenty years ago Karen Kimsey-House was looking for a way to help people that “felt whole”. Today she is recognised as a pioneer of professional coaching and the developer of the Co-Active Coaching model. Liz Hall follows her journey. More than two decades ago, in a ‘life planning’ class, Karen Kimsey-House got chatting to a fellow participant. The teacher/facilitator was the late Thomas Leonard, and the fellow participant was the late Laura Whitworth. The seeds were being sown for the development of the Co-Active Coaching model, now well-known across the world. Kimsey-House is considered one of the pioneers of professional […]

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Market investment

Marketing in the UK may produce many talented individuals, but worryingly few are destined for senior levels. Enter The Marketing Academy, a charity set up by Sherilyn Shackell to turn ‘the marketing talent of today, into the leaders of tomorrow’. And she persuaded a team of coaches to help her do it Back in 2009, Sherilyn Shackell, a well-known figure in the world of talent management and executive search, had a vision to set up an academy to address what many saw as a worrying void of senior leadership capability coming through from marketing in the UK. By any number […]

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By SARAH DALE AND HALEY LANCASTER Most people understand that money can’t buy you happiness. In fact, beneath most presenting issues in a coaching session is a drive to increase wellbeing. So coaches really need to start bringing it into their mainstream work. Could the Five-a-Day model help? “If we are to prosper and flourish in this evolving environment, then it is vital that we make the most of all our resources – and this is as true for our mental resources as material resources 1” Professor John Beddington Modern life is a paradox. Western societies have found that wealth […]

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BT coaches young apprentices BT plans to repeat a three-month training and remote coaching programme for young apprentices, following a successful pilot. The programme focused on leadership, mental resilience, confidence and communication skills. The coaching was provided by social enterprise In Sync, according to the report in People Management. For each employee taking part, In Sync’s 25 coaches pledge to deliver similar development for a 16-19 year old from a disadvantaged background in a local school. BT has around 600 apprentices. All change at BACP Coaching Jo Birch has taken the helm at the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP)’s Coaching […]

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Troubleshooter: Credit Where It’s Due

Conspired against by her unusual, yet highly effective skills, hired by the  ‘wrong’ division and stalled in management fast-track, this clever, yet frustrated, specialist wants the recognition she deserves. But how? Margaret is a highly skilled, educated and intelligent technical specialist working for a blue-chip organisation. She is recognised by peers and seniors for her specific and unusual combination of skills, and often praised for the high-quality content of her contributions, and her willingness to share information or mentor others. She is particularly good at new or ground-breaking projects. Margaret is also on the management fast-track programme, which does not […]

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The Health Coaching Toolkit

What is health coaching and how does it differ from wellbeing coaching? What are the best models to use and can anyone do it? Health coaching expert Professor Stephen Palmer gives us the answers in this four-part health coaching toolkit.

Part 1: Setting the scene: definitions, theory and practice
Health and wellbeing coaching is not rocket science, although it is a specialism within the field of coaching and health. Somewhat surprisingly, studies have shown that the layperson can be successfully trained to become an effective health coach to work in primary care settings, although ongoing monitoring is important.

Health and wellbeing coaching, therefore, does not have to be the exclusive domain of licensed health professionals, although the latter may be involved in the training and supervision of lay health coaches.

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LIFE OR DEATH SALLY MOORE Can coaching provide a safe space for people to ask for help about their mental health issues – before it’s too late? I don’t follow football so, before his death, I didn’t know who Gary Speed was. The extent of the press coverage, including tributes and recognition of his achievements, means I now know much more about the Wales football manager and player. What an overwhelming tragedy for his family and those who knew him. Reactions to his suicide in November have understandably been characterised by shock and dismay. Beyond the tributes, emerging themes include […]

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Welcome to the February 2012 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the February 2012 issue of the newsletter Coaching at Work has launched a campaign to help increase the amount of high quality health and wellbeing coaching. As part of our Coaching for Health campaign, we’re running lots of editorial including our trends report in the March issue, and on health coaching approaches in the May issue. Why we’ve launched the campaign: • The cost of healthcare is spiralling yet we seem to be getting sicker • People have to take responsibility for their own health – they will rarely make behavioural changes just because a medical professional has […]

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Welcome to the January 2012 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the January 2012 issue of the newsletter We’ve set the date for our next Coaching at Work conference: 11 July 2012. We will be giving out details soon. Our last conference on 23 November was a sell-out weeks in advance so do make sure you don’t miss the boat! We now have available some of the speaker material from the last conference, including some of the presentations and podcasts. We’re really excited about the launch of the new digital version of Coaching at Work magazine in Calameo format, which allows you to flick through the magazine virtually. To […]

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