In this column, we provoke fresh thinking and round up some of the weird, wonderful, quirky, surprising – and shocking – stories out there What’s in a name? Apparently we can intuit people’s names because their name influences their facial appearance in adult life, suggests a study led by Dr Ruth Mayo and PhD candidate Yonat Zwebner at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The research, ‘We look like our names: The manifestation of name stereotypes in facial appearance’, in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 112(4), pp527-554, 2017, consists of eight studies, including one experiment carried out by Zwebner […]

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The health coaching toolkit: Part 3

Health coaching expert Professor Stephen Palmer focuses on the cognitive behavioural approach to health coaching.

The cognitive behavioural approach (Ref 12) to health coaching is based on helping a client to examine Health Inhibiting Thinking and strengthen Health Enhancing Thinking so they can achieve their desired Health Enhancing Behaviours and goals. It uses an overall structure to coaching meetings to maintain a business-like approach.

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