In the sixth in a series of columns dedicated to mentoring, we look at how to monitor and evaluate mentoring relationships. This issue: the key to measuring success Measuring the success of mentoring is hard, yet it is critical to gain funding and resources for the future HOW DO WE MEASURE UP? Lis Merrick and Paul Stokes In the last issue we looked at how to support mentors and mentees. However, it is also critical to review how these mentoring relationships are working during the course of the relationship and programme (formative evaluation) and to measure the relationship and programme […]

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  1. says:

    Thanks Lisa and Paul.
    I thoroughly enjoyed your article. It highlighted quite a few points that are often challenging for mentor programs. The final two paragraphs were particularly relevant, highlighting the need to integrate and align the mentor program activity with other aspects of organisational life.
    Thanks again.

    Ken Wallis
    Director Coaching and Mentoring International

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