April diary dates

April 2 April: Aberdeen Association for Coaching event from Gladeana McMahon on Cognitive Behavioural Coaching 2 April: London Meyler Campbell “coaching fishbowl” with Peter Burditt 6-7 April: Ashridge Business School EMCC UK’s 3rd annual conference 14 April APECS event on “coaching:an integral part of a leadership development programme” from Sarah Henbrey, divisional director for people & organisational development, Sony, Europe 15 April: Berkshire Association for Coaching event from Emily Havers on “The thinking environment” 20 April: London Association for Coaching event from Diana Hogbin-Mills on “Supporting the survivors of an economic downturn- how engagement coaching can help” 21-23 April: London […]

Institute of Coaching has $2 million dollars to grant or coaching research

Describes the launch of the Institute of Coaching. The new Institute of Coaching based at Harvard Medical School has $2,000,000 to award in grants for coaching-related research. Ruth Ann Harnisch, president of the Harnisch Foundation, pledged the money as part of the new Harnisch Fund for Coaching. The Institute of Coaching was formerly the Coaching & Psychology Initiative founded by Coaching at Work editorial board member Carol Kauffman. It has five centres of excellence in education, research, applied positive psychology, healthcare and leadership coaching. The research programme created by Mary Wayne Bush of the Foundation of Coaching has become the […]

Baby boomer clients want active third age

Describes research into what baby boomers want when they “retire”. Liz Hall Coaches working with workers approaching retirement age should not be surprised if their clients want to carry on working, go travelling or launch a new business, suggests a report. The percentage of people over 65 is expected to double by 2050. Standard Life´s ‘Death of Retirement’ report highlights a fundamental shift in people’s attitudes towards retirement. One in three 45 to 65 year olds want to work in new jobs “on their own terms” past official retirement age and the same proportion want to learn new skills. One […]

Leap of faith

Confidence is essential to 21st century corporate life, and coaching has a part to play, helping managers rise to today’s challenges. Looks at how confidence coaching tackles ‘learned helplessness’