Coaching At Work Annual Conference 2016, 6 July, Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London In her keynote address on The Power of Positive Psychology, Dr Suzy Green said that in a VUCA world, the ‘F word’ is key – we need to be “flourishing”. To be flourishing we need to be at the high end of the mental health spectrum, with high engagement (or goal striving). Most of us are in moderate mental health – and then we face a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity) world. How can we respond? Green reminded us that positive emotions create an upward spiral, citing Broaden […]

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Coaching at Work annual conference 2016, 6 July, Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London What has improvisation got to do with coaching? So asked coach, facilitator and founder of the More Fool Us comedy improvisation team, Paul Z Jackson, in an engaging workshop on eight ways to improvise as a coach, based on his ‘Lifepass’ model. In a VUCA world coaches and clients alike don’t know what’s coming. No two coaching sessions are identical either as no two conversations are identical. For a coach to acknowledge this can be powerful. Not knowing enables the coach (and client) to engage with full curiosity. […]

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Conference roundup

British Psychological Society, Special Group in Coaching Psychology (BPS SGCP) 4th european coaching psychology conference, 12-13 december, edinburgh   Coaching enhances staff wellbeing over time Positive psychology coaching has a marked impact on hope, resilience, self-efficacy and work engagement, with effects fading a little after three months, but remaining higher than among those who haven’t been coached, according to research. Richta IJntema, chair of the Coaching Psychology Group of the Dutch Professional Association of Psychologists, presented findings at the conference, hosted by the BPS SGCP in Edinburgh, of a longitudinal study carried out among employees in a large Dutch insurance […]

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