The coaching chronicles

The pilgrim fathers Hello, I am Roach the Coach and I am your guide through the Coaching Chronicles. There are 4,500 species of us cockroaches so we are well placed, across the globe, and across time, to tell you about coaching… King James I of England decreed that anyone who challenged the value of non-directive coaching and refused to use this approach, would be locked up or banished. This was a bit of a ‘deal’ for the Puritans. They weren’t known for mixing styles, approaches or theories, but for remaining true to the ‘founding father’ – mentoring. The Puritans valued […]

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Learning providers must stop ‘patronising’ SMEs

We have been “barking up the wrong tree for years” with our business education models, according to Bob Garvey. At his inaugural lecture on 31 October for his chair in Business Education at York St John Business School, Professor Garvey was set to challenge current frameworks for learning delivered by most providers in the market. His lecture, ‘Learning Business’, shared an alternative model of business education based on conversational learning. He said, “There can be little doubt that those that learn the fastest in business are often the most successful. But SME business leaders are often patronised by public and […]

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Engaged BT staff attract like-minded customers

Chartered institute of personnel and development conference: coaching for business performance, 26 september 2012, London By Ros Soulsby Coaching is significantly boosting employee engagement and thus customer satisfaction at BT. Disengagement costs the UK some £44 billion a year – equivalent to half the annual cost of the NHS, revealed Caroline Waters, director of people and policy, BT Group. Coaching, she suggested, can help turn this around. At BT, when managers were coaching their staff in teams, there was significant engagement, resulting in 23 per cent higher productivity for operational staff. At the same time, engaged call centre teams took […]

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