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Coaching and Mentoring at Work conference

New Horizons: Tuesday 2nd July 2013

Please note that this programme may be subject to alterations




8.30 Registration
9.20 Introductions & welcome Liz Hall
9.30 Keynote 1: An interactive keynote on applied neuroscience & coaching: What do you want to know about the brain and coaching? K1 Professor Paul Brown
10.20 Case Study 1: Santander:
Empowering the business to understand its talent and to drive real life development
CS1: Caroline Curtis
Workshop 1a: Mindfulness-based supervision W1a: Graham Lee
Workshop 1b: Coaching-therapy W1b: Debra Jinks
11.20 Tea & coffee (& exhibitions)
11.35 Case study 2: Coaching and mentoring at Asda CS2: Maria Salkeld & Nicki Seignot
Workshop 2a: Creative supervision
What do we know that we didn’t know we knew?
Working with metaphor in coaching supervision to gain new awareness in a coaching relationship
W2a:Alison Hodge
Workshop 2b: Coaching in Education: Theory and Research into Practice W2b: Dr Christian van Nieuwerburgh
12.35 LUNCH (& exhibitions)
1.35 Keynote 2:‘Goal free and down to earth: a personal odyssey’ K2 David Megginson
2.25 Workshop 3a: Neuroscience masterclass: Bring your difficult case material to explore from a brain-based point of view W3a:  Prof. Paul Brown
Workshop 3b: Health coaching

Workshop 3c: Team Coaching: a fresh look at the building blocks of (your) team coaching practice.

W3b: Janette Gale

W3c : Louise Buckle

3.25 Tea & coffee (& exhibitions)
3.45 Case study 3: GlaxoSmithKline CS3: Sally Bonneywell
Workshop 4a: Developing mental toughness W4a: Doug Strycharczyk
Workshop 4b: Coming back to present W4b: Eunice Aquilina

4.45 Keynote 3: Aha moments Christian van Nieuwerburgh
5.30 CLOSE

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