Prof David Clutterbuck


I am visiting professor of coaching and mentoring at both Sheffield Hallam and Oxford Brookes Universities; and author/co-author of 15 books in the area, including Everyone needs a mentor,Techniques for Coaching and Mentoring, Coaching the Team at Work and Virtual Coach, Virtual Mentor. I have a PhD in mentoring and post-graduate certificate in coach supervision. I specialise in: - coaching very senior leaders to coach - coaching leaders through major personal or organizational change - helping organizations build internal capability in coaching and mentoring I work across the world and have a particular interest in cross-cultural coaching

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Membership of professional bodies

  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Coaching approach

I aspire to be a "systemic eclectic" coach -- this means that my role as a coach is to help clients with the quality of their thinking. This involves supporting them in reflecting firstly about their sense of purpose (less what do they want to achieve, but who do they want to become?). Specific goals tend to emerge gradually from these conversations and may be very different from initially presented goals. I am able to call upon a very wide range of tools and techniques when needed, but typically will use very few, if any, because the learning converation develops its own logic and direction. Similarly, I am able to call upon a very wide knowledge of good management practice, but I bring this into play only when the client reaches a boundary in their own thinking and needs help to see new possibilities. I place great store by massively difficult questions.