Pascale Palazzo


I run a specialist (online) clinic working with adults whose relationship with food gets in the way of living a fulfilled life. I specialise in compulsive overeating, binge eating disorder, bulimia and atypical anorexia. I’m warm and validating and offer a safe and confidential one-to-one space in which we work together to help you along your path towards psychological and physical wellbeing. As a side note, I myself made a full recovery from bulimia; something I never thought would be possible at the time. I have an additional BPS-approved Master Practitioner qualification in Eating Disorders, Nutritional Interventions and Obesity with the National Centre for Eating Disorders. At times, I work alongside a registered nutritionist and dietician who are qualified to address possible nutritional deficiencies, supplementation, and specific medical conditions.

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Coaching approach

If you have symptoms of compulsive overeating, binge eating disorder, bulimia or atypical anorexia, I will help you first and foremost to overcome these stressful symptoms that negatively impact your health and wellbeing and stop you from living the life you deserve. Compulsive overeating is a milder form of binge eating, where you may describe yourself as an 'emotional eater' or 'food addict.' I offer emotional exploration and practical guidance to help you to improve your relationship with food and with yourself, improve your body image and self-esteem, and move past your symptoms toward your life aspirations. I offer weekly one-to-one coaching sessions, where we explore the psychological and physiological processes currently occurring for you, as well as the vital steps you can take on your individual journey towards wellness and wellbeing.