Nial O Reilly

Profile Executive Leadership and Team Development Coaching. Nial left an executive position in financial services and set up his own coaching practise in 2003. He has experienced 'the cut and thrust' of Executive Management, lived through a significant life change in departing the corporate world, successfully retrained as an executive coach and established a thriving coaching business. He works on the principle of unconditional positive regard believing that his client is resourceful and if well facilitated can come up with the answers from within. Nial has a keen interest in psychology which he continues to study. He completed a Post Grad Diploma in Executive Coaching in 2008 and another in The Psychology of Executive Coaching in early 2010. His best work to date has been done in the area of team development, working with 'what is' and facilitating 'what can be'.

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Membership of professional bodies

  • European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • International Coach Federation

Coaching approach

The approach is dictated by the clients situation and desired outcome. The key principle is 'the client is resourceful'. I take a systemic approach to my coaching and engage with the client where ever the client 'is'. My approach could be described as person centred. The client is doing the best they can at any given point in time given what is happening for them. My approach is to surface the issues using a four step process and a series of tools and frameworks as the situation demands. Firstly to raise awareness we work to establish the current position 'Where are you now?' Secondly to deepen awareness we look at 'Where have you come from?' Envisioning the future we seek to establish 'Where are you going?' and finally 'How will you get there?'. The journey through this four step process is different for each client but the outcome is usually one of creating clarity and focus.