James Brook


James is co-founder and director of Strengths Partnership Ltd, a management consulting firm providing strengths-based leadership development, coaching and talent management solutions. He has over 15 years experience in coaching, leadership development and talent management, having worked in consulting and corporate roles both locally and internationally. James co-authored Strengthscope (www.strengthscope.com), a world leading strengths profiling tool designed to help individuals and teams optimise their strengths and talents at work. James is an accomplished speaker on strengths-focused talent management and has contributed several recent publications in the area. He has a Masters Degree in Industrial & Organisational Psychology, a MBA and an advanced coaching diploma from the Academy of Executive Coaching. He is registered as Level A and B test user.

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Coaching approach

Business coaching is still largely based on theories and approaches that have their roots in traditional weakness or pathology-based models of human functioning. Strengths Partnership Ltd have developed an alternative approach to coaching that is based on refreshingly different assumptions - that self-awareness and strengths deployment lie at the heart of performance excellence, growth and personal wellbeing. Strengths Partnership Ltd has introduced the STRONG Business Coaching framework, underpinned by positive psychology and strengths-based concepts and techniques including Flow, the Power of Positive Emotions, Self-fulfilling Prophecy, Strengths in Overdrive, Appreciative Intelligence and Strengths in Stretch.