Duncan Glassey


Duncan R Glassey CFP, MCSI, AIFP, FRSA is the author of “Financial Freedom: Using The Wealthflow System” and a founding Partner of Financial Life Coaching LLP, a coach training company established in conjunction with the Academy for Coaching Excellence (an ICF accredited training academy). Duncan is also a Partner at Wealthflow LLP, a financial life coaching firm based in Edinburgh and serving clients throughout the UK. Duncan is considered one of the fi nancial planning profession’s most passionate proponents of financial life coaching and in his practice he actively seeks to help his clients pursue their goals and dreams.

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Coaching approach

I have discovered a simple but powerful truth about people and their money. People don’t actually have financial goals; they have life goals that require financial resources. And it is in learning about these life goals that we discover a client’s dream of freedom; their most exciting vision for the life they want to lead.