New blood at coaching supervisor body

The Association of Coaching Supervisors (AOCS) has made a number of new appointments.   Erik de haan of the Ashridge Centre for Coaching has stepped up from the role of honorary member to chair. Jacqui Hazell and Rob Watling have been appointed as joint learning directors. James Lawley and Penny Tompkins, co-developers of Symbolic Modelling […]


Women are key Organisations with both the strongest financial results and the highest performing culture had the greatest proportion of women on their executive leadership team, according to PA Consulting Group, which analysed the public reports of 50 UK and US companies over a six-year period (2007-2012). Share prices in organisations with at least one […]

Impact studies still informal

conference roundup 3rd World business & executive coach summit, 13-28 june, online event By Liz Hall Even now, very few organisations have formal processes in place to measure the impact of coaching, although most wanted to measure it, according to the International Coach Federation (ICF)’s Organisational Coaching 2013 Study. Damian Goldvarg, president of ICF Global, […]

EMCC offers shortcut to members with ICF credentials

The European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC) is now offering a shortcut to its individual accreditation award for EMCC members who have already been assessed by the International Coach Federation (ICF) on certain criteria. The EMCC’s shortened version of its individual accreditation award, the EIA, is on offer to coaches who have already been assessed […]

Global Alliance defines working practice

The Global Coaching & Mentoring Alliance (GCMA) has agreed that its core purpose is to ‘professionalise’ coaching and mentoring. At the first meeting in Dublin on 27 February, the GCMA firmed up its purpose, which includes ‘expressing a shared view of the practice of professional coaching.’ It also established core objectives, values and guiding principles […]

Online roundup

What you’re saying online We have nearly 13,000 Coaching at Work LinkedIn members worldwide. Discussions are going on around a vast array of topics, including: bullying, neuroscience, chaos, the new Alliance, (see pages 7 and 11-13), and lots of sharing of advice, for example, on venues and creating a coaching culture…and even job opportunities. One […]

What you’re saying online

How do you know coaching works? posted by Kevin Watson. Karen Castellon (US) says: “When the client responds to: ‘What have you gotten out of this coaching?’ It is the client’s perspective that counts.” Araya Khestong (Netherlands) says: “Whatever [my clients] want to reach [to accomplish] I coach them to their goals. When they reach […]

Online roundup – What you’re saying online

Should coaches challenge clients on ethical issues? Yes 94%, No 4% Yvette Elcock from SRS Associates believes her membership of the International Coach Federation requires this. She says, “If I am thinking, or feeling and judging something to be unethical, and I withhold that from my client, then I am not fully present in the […]

Online roundup – What you’re saying online

“Do coaches give advice?” This thread on Coaching at Work’s LinkedIn group is causing quite a stir. As we went to press, there were 86 comments, with a fascinating range of responses What else have you been talklng about on LinkedIn? Other topics include: Another one about powerful questions: What has been your most powerful […]

Who is feedback feeding?

Executive coach Stephen Burt urged coaches to think about who feedback is feeding- it needs to be two-way and in both parties’ interests, he said. By Elaine Robinson Speaking at the European Mentoring & Coaching Council UK conference on 5-7 May, Burt said feedback can help the client by improving what they do with the […]