On 3 March 2022, it’s the third Climate Coaching Action Day. We’ve rounded up many of the events that are happening globally. Who’s doing what and how can you get involved?

Calendar of Climate Coaching Action Day events

Coaching at Work launched Climate Coaching Action Day in 2020. Although we mark it too, it was always intended to be an invitation for others to embrace, as have organisations including the Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA), professional coaching and coaching psychology bodies, coach training organisations, including the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC) and Positivity Coaching.

Coaching at Work editor Liz Hall said: “The climate emergency is the biggest issue of our time. Climate Coaching Action Day is a chance to share and learn from each other, to put one’s toe in the water, and to try out what others are offering, and to celebrate all the good work that’s taking place. We have as coaches so much expertise and wisdom, and when we share this, it’s amazing what emerges, and how ready we already are to engage.”

This Climate Coaching Action Day is dedicated to the late Alison Whybrow, who did so much to promote climate coaching through the Climate Coaching Alliance and beyond.


This is a global event launched in 2020 – but not owned – by Coaching at Work magazine with the aim of promoting and inspiring coaching around the climate crisis. #ClimateCoachingActionDay



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3 MARCH 2022


To mark this year’s Climate Coaching Action Day on 3 March, Coaching at Work will be releasing a number of podcasts on the day. They’ll be posted on our social media.

These include with Zoe Cohen, who was Highly Commended in our Climate Coaching 2021 Award category, and another with Katherine Long.

You can still listen to last year’s excellent podcast ‘Going towards’ when editor Liz Hall interviewed Dr Alister Scott, leadership coach, sustainability expert and co-founder of The One Leadership Project:


The ICF is hosting a webinar with Zoe Cohen. Book here:

You can also explore the topic further and watch three sessions from Zoe’s 2019 UK ICF Series, ‘How to be a Climate Conscious Coach: Adapting to the world we find ourselves in’. Hosted by Cohen, she is joined by guests speakers, Charly Cox and Peter Hawkins:


Positivity Coaching (Greece) will be releasing awareness-raising video clips via its Facebook page:

3-8 MARCH 2022



This year, Climate Coaching Alliance (CCA) is launching Coaching in the Great Awakening, a six-day festival in support of Climate Coaching Action Day.

Members of CCA and Earth-connected friends from all walks of life and professions are invited to a series of conversations, learning and sharing together, exploring the liminal spaces between where we are (a high carbon life) and where we are moving to (a low carbon life) – personally as citizens and professionally as coaches.

Josie McLean, co-founder of the CCA, said: “It’s not a conference. It’s a global festival of soul-enriching, mind exploding experiences. Dialogue with some of the most creative and innovative coaches and psychologists, and with artists, kids, tribal elders, Indigenous and Aboriginal people, and practitioners of ceremony and ritual. We are exploring how coaching as a practice is transforming itself to meet the complex challenges we face and the transitional times we are in.”






Download the full programme here:

The festival will run for eight hours a day over six days. It launches with a Deep Time Walk and ends with a Council of all Beings, with a special guest each day, featuring more than 70 events, with speakers from every corner of the globe, including Grattan Donnelly, Linda Aspey, David Drake, Charmaine Roche, Fenella Trevillion, Farah Ali, Diana Tedoldi, James Farrell, Aruna Ladva and David Gershon. Charmaine Roche and Fenella Trevillion’s session will be on eco-consciousness, coloniality and women’s roles as coaches:

The festival is framed and guided by The Work That Reconnects, a set of practices grounded in systems theory that explore Earth connection through dialogue, ritual, and creative arts, to shine light on spiritual, emotional, and intellectual aspects of creating life-sustaining societies.

The Work That Reconnects was developed by eco-philosopher, teacher and activist, Joanna Macy. Reflecting this, the festival will move through the four stages of gratitude, honouring our pain, seeing with new eyes, and going forth.


How is gratitude necessary to move through liminal spaces?

Honouring Pain

What practices are you learning, using or developing that work with big emotions, inform bio-spheric values, and guide behaviour?

Sharing our Personal Journey
What Nature-experiences and Earth-connected practices inform your work? Craft a nature-connected story about your coaching journey and share it.

Seeing with New/Old Eyes

How might the ‘new’ be old? How might we be guided by honouring, celebrating, and elevating the voices of Indigenous people, Children & Youth, Global South, and Nature?

The Sacred Feminine International Women’s Day (8 March)

An exploration of Ritual, Ceremony and Intention in coaching.

Going Forth

Exploring new ways of being, doing, and knowing in a regenerative, Earth-affirming world.

  • Download the full programme of the CCA Festival schedule here:
  • For more on The Work That Reconnects: see pages 50-51 of this issue and also:


3pm-4pm GMT

Climate anxiety and environmental psychology: coaching in the climate crisis

The AoEC is hosting a free webinar to mark the day.

With phrases such as eco-rage, eco-anxiety, eco-grief, eco-futility, and eco-shame all entering our vocabulary, we must acknowledge our struggle to live with and express our feelings in response to the climate crisis. The human cost is real, and the emotional fall out is still to come.

Join host George Warren and our special guests Linda Aspey, Professor Peter Hawkins and Tabitha Jayne as they explore the emotional experiences of climate change work. They will share their lived experiences of working with organisations and individuals and give us their insights into what coaches need to be aware of and prepared for.

Register for the event at:

Get involved

Climate Coaching Action Day is on social media. Follow us, spread the word about the initiative, share what others are up to and post what YOU’RE doing to mark Climate Coaching Action Day. Use the hashtag: #ClimateCoachingActionDay