Welcome to our first digital-only issue of the magazine, a step we’ve taken to help reduce our carbon footprint.

We’ve been very encouraged by the many comments we’ve received welcoming and congratulating us on the move, including Sam Humphrey, member of Coaching at Work’s Editorial Advisory Board, who said, “What an exciting time for the magazine. It’s a bold move that I am sure others will follow. Congratulations on taking this stance,” said Martin Down (see Letters).

In addition to making some design changes to the magazine itself, we’re also revamping our website ( and will be including more features such as podcasts.

If you fancy stocking up on our back issue printed magazine ‘collector items’, you can do so here.

Meanwhile, momentum is gathering for what we’ve designated Climate Coaching Action Day on 5 March (News), and a band of coaches have formed the Climate Coaching Alliance (News), following in the footsteps of the Climate Psychology Alliance.

And the International Coach Federation’s updated Code of Ethics now includes a section on societal responsibility (News).