What gives life meaning? It’s a question often pondered by Aboodi Shabi, executive coach and co-founder of UK ICF. Coaching, he tells Liz Hall, can help us find that meaning – if we approach it with compassion and humility   Aboodi Shabi, independent executive and personal coach and former head of coaching and training for Newfield Network Europe, isn’t one for preciousness or earnestness. He’s irreverent, witty, eloquent and fond of asking questions others won’t. He’s passionate, too – about being of service, and making meaning of life for himself and for others. Even when he was very young, Shabi […]

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    So Aboodi, so beautifully honest and congruent. I had the pleasure of being coached by Aboodi and I will never forget some of his questions the types others wont ask. I am sorry to hear of your Cancer Aboodi and hope you are doing well. A wonderful poignant and real article thank you for writing it.

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