The cost of securing a new hire can be substantial, and with 40 per cent of those hires failing, is it time to consider on-boarding coaching? Pacifica Goddard examines the ‘next big thing’ in the coaching profession

On-boarding coaching, sometimes referred to as ‘the first 90 days’, can be extremely effective in helping new hires and their organisations adapt to each other, yet few of them have experienced its many benefits. However, with some coaches predicting that on-boarding coaching could be the ‘next big thing’, is this all set to change?

On-boarding coaching has until recently been affected by organisational cost cutting, according to Lynne Hardman, CEO of UK-based Working Transitions.

“Statistics show that over the past few years the number of organisations offering comprehensive on-boarding programmes declined, more than likely due to the economic downturn,” she says, citing the 2013 UK Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Resourcing and Talent Planning Survey.

But as the recession lifts and organisations begin spending again, there has been a resurgence in interest. “As we move into a more positive economic phase, organisations are once again recognising its importance.”

Hardman says…

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