Shared ownership

The lone, male leader is no longer trusted as an authority figure in our turbulent world. What we need now are new ways for new, more flexible lives. It’s time for ‘respons-able’ group leadership, says Hetty Einzig

“What breaks my heart is that our leaders are living and acting in wilful denial of how bad things are in the world today, and of their own power to do something about it, in the full knowledge that they are condemning our children and our children’s children to a nightmare future.”

So says a sober and successful businessman. From the nods around the packed room, many share his pain.

Are our leaders mad, bad and incompetent? There is, I sense, something else going on here.

I have worked for the past 10 years with individuals and groups developing leadership in global corporations in Europe, Asia and the US. In that time, I have come to see the failures, corruption and paralysis at the top of business and public life as symptoms of a moribund model: that of the lone, male leader.

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