Profile: Peter Burditt

Peter Burditt, founder of Strategic Development Consultants, is proof that there are still big bucks in coaching. Even in the current climate, he is highly sought-after, commanding fees of up to £1,500 an hour.
The secrets of his success include loving what he does, a non-compromising yet flexible stance, his high professional standards, a bulging contacts book from his time as a banker and an ability to work with tricky clients. “I tend to work with difficult people who eat coaches for breakfast and spit them out. I get their trust and pull the poison,” he says.

“There are an awful lot of coaches struggling because they are vanilla. I’m not vanilla. When I started to do masterclasses, I would get 50 per cent giving me a five and others a ten. Now it’s 90 per cent and 10 per cent. That’s OK with me. I’m not going to compromise to please people, although I will be flexible to maintain relationships – which are very different statements.”

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