Liz Macann has won accolades for, and spoken all over the world about, the award-winning internal coaching scheme she set up at the BBC. Macann spent 12 years at the Beeb – here she reflects on her time there, and what the future holds REFLECTED GLORY Liz Macann There was a time when a client would spot you heading in their direction and swiftly engage in a conversation rather than introduce you as their coach. These days it feels more like a badge of honour than an embarrassment. Coaching’s credibility, desirability and value continue to increase, with senior leaders often […]

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  1. Fiona Anderson
    Fiona Anderson says:

    What a beautiful reflection to emerge from clearing your desk, Liz! You offer a clear eyed perspective on how coaching has changed in the last decade I ‘m sp glad you pulled me in from the corridor, it’s led to a great journey!

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