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Dr Patricia Bossons How do you coach a stressed-out executive? Not from a place of problem solving or perfect solutions Coaching issues that are related to stress, or to working under pressure, are very familiar to any coach in the executive coaching business, particularly in the current economic climate. One of the main reasons people decide to work with a coach is that they need some extra resources to help them be effective in their jobs. It often seems to me that human beings and organisations are pretty incompatible. The drivers of business, certainly in the West, have capitalist structures […]

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  1. Arthur Basley
    Arthur Basley says:

    I found this article reminded me of a question I asked one of my board level clients recently. He was in the throws of being promoted to CEO but did not relish the expected 14 to 16 hours a day. I asked how he would veiw a member of the exec team who had to work 14 hours a day – virtually each day in order to meet his bosses expectations. after some consideration and discussion he concluded how ineffective a proportion of the execs work would be due to the long hours – quality decision making rather than quantity being one of the topics. He also concluded how the exec members boss must also be ineffective as a leader in allowing and encouraging such choices. We explored who would lead a CEO and provide this perspective – to which he replied “the CEO himself………………with the help of a coach”.

    Arthur Basley

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