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Coach Julie Starr is on a lifelong quest for truth. She tells Liz Hall about making coaching more accessible, even if that means making it ‘disappear’ completely One of Julie Starr’s clients, a high achieving female executive, made it clear what she needed from coaching: help in becoming even more productive. Instead Starr asked, “When is it enough?” She burst into tears. Starr offers this as an example of her not colluding with clients’ ‘rackets’. What began as a personal quest for truth about herself in her teens has become a passion for truth in her work, which includes manager-as-coach […]

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  1. nial@ignitecoach.com
    nial@ignitecoach.com says:

    Excellent article. I believe it is about truth, congruence, authenticity. In the 1950s Carl Rogers was writing about congruence and how socialisation forces us to water down our feelings and thoughts when we express them. Failures of congruence and lack of authenticity are two of the biggest hold-backs I encounter in my work. Well done on this article, a lovely insight into a great author on the subject of coaching!

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