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Samsung: with Anthony Ryland and Rachel Ellison

Rachel Ellison interviews Head of Talent & Development at Samsung Electronics UK, Anthony Ryland. Anthony is in the process of taking Samsung from a performance culture, to a leadership culture and towards a learning culture. He’s introduced self-development and coaching opportunities at multiple levels within Samsung, in an attempt to bring a holistic, interconnected way of working and learning to employees.


Network Rail: How coaching is creating a better railway with Diana Hogbin-Mills

This session will explore how creating a Coaching Culture in Network Rail is helping to build a better railway for a better Britain. Detailing the story of coaching at Network Rail over the years, sharing our vision for the future and reflecting on the breakthroughs, benefits, challenges and progress before concluding with our successes so far.


Royal Mencap Society with Alton Hobbs, Head of Learning and Development

A large third sector mentoring scheme as part of a talent programme.

In 2011 Mencap completely refreshed its approach to staff appraisals by introducing a new process called ‘Shape Your Future’ (SYF). This approach to appraisals had several innovative aspects. Each job role was given a new role profile which describe the 5 key roles of the job and included clear descriptions of the expected performance levels within each. Staff were put in the driving seat of the appraisal process and the emphasis was put on good conversations with managers including discussions about their aspirations. The most exceptional staff at Mencap receive an appraisal rating of Top Talent and given the opportunity of joining the Talent Programme. This flexible programme was designed to help staff fulfil their potential and reach their aspirations whether this was a move upwards to a higher level role, sideways to a role in a different department or to develop further in their existing role. A key component of the programme was mentoring with each top talented member of staff being offered a mentor for a year. Working with Clutterbucks Associates Mencap designed a mentoring programme and recruited and trained over 80 internal mentors. In this case study Alton Hobbs, Head of Learning and Development, will share how the programme was developed and designed, the experience of implementation, what Mencap has learned and how the programme has evolved over three years.



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