Book One Title: Coaching and Mentoring: A Critical Text Author: Simon Western Publisher: SAGE Publications ISBN 978 1848 60164 2 Usefulness ***** This is a rich tapestry of a book – comparable in complexity to Erik de Haan’s Relational Coaching. Whereas de Haan majors on systematic research, Western’s strength is in the depth of his professional and personal insight. I recommend this book to anyone who thinks they occupy a secure niche in coaching. If you believe your therapeutic model helps you heal the wounded self of your clients, or if you use positive thinking to boost self-esteem, be ready […]

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By SARAH DALE AND HALEY LANCASTER Most people understand that money can’t buy you happiness. In fact, beneath most presenting issues in a coaching session is a drive to increase wellbeing. So coaches really need to start bringing it into their mainstream work. Could the Five-a-Day model help? “If we are to prosper and flourish in this evolving environment, then it is vital that we make the most of all our resources – and this is as true for our mental resources as material resources 1” Professor John Beddington Modern life is a paradox. Western societies have found that wealth […]

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Work-life balance? Productivity? You’re doing it all wrong, says Ian Price

By Liz Hall Achieving greater work-life balance is a common goal for clients, but we’ve got it all wrong when we talk about this, according to Ian Price, occupational psychologist and author of The Activity Illusion: Why We Live to Work in the 21st Century and How to Work to Live Instead. Speaking at the ‘Managing Conflict and Stress at Work’ conference, Price said: “I find the concept of work-life balance troubling. It suggests if people take something off from one thing, they have to put it on another, and if that’s true, it’s not surprising employers don’t invest in […]

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