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Coaching and Mentoring at Work conference

Embracing and Enabling Change: Wednesday 11th July 2012

Please note that this programme may be subject to alterations




9.00 Registration
9.30 Introductions & welcome Liz Hall
9.45 Keynote 1: Does coaching still matter? Aboodi Shabi
10.25 Case Study 1: Strengths-based coaching for culture change & leadership effectiveness at Samaritans (plus practice in using tools to strengthen performance, resilience and engagement during high uncertainty and change CS1: James Brook & Claire Watt
(Chair: David Clutterbuck)
Workshop 1a: Mindfulness & Coaching: to enhance resilience, creativity & wellbeing W1a: Liz Hall
(Chair: Eve Turner)
Workshop 1b: Developmental coaching through transitions & change W1b: Dr. Siobhain O’Riordan & Sheila Panchal
(Chair: Stephen Palmer)
11.25 Tea & coffee (& exhibitions)
11.50 Case study 2a: The Gentle Catalyst – a story of coaching for leadership in difficult circumstances CS2a: Neil Scotton, Alister Scott & TBC
(Chair: Liz Hall)
Case Study 2b: Kent County Council: coaching networks CS2b: Carol Wilson & Serena Cunningham
(Chair: Stephen Palmer)
Workshop 2: Cultivating trust through an embodied presence W2: Eunice Aquilina
(Chair: Eve Turner)
12.50 LUNCH (& exhibitions)
1.50 Keynote 2a: Work/life balance in coaching & mentoring K2a: David Clutterbuck
(Chair: Liz Hall)
Keynote 2b: The Neuroscience of Positive Thinking: How to help our coaching clients succeed K2b: Christopher Samsa
(Chair: Professor Stephen Palmer)
2.40 Case Study 3: Delivering organisational change in a subsidiary of Saint Gobain using team and peer-to-peer coaching and Action Learning methodology CS3: Chris Rogers, ASK and Helen Hardy, Saint Gobain. (Chair: Eve Turner)
Workshop 3a: The challenge of negotiations: how to be creative and constructive around coaching fees W3a: Ori Weiner (Chair: Liz Hall)
Workshop 3b: Health and wellbeing coaching: a psychological approach W3b:Professor Stephen Palmer (Chair: Dr Siobhain O’Riordan)
3.40 Tea & coffee (& exhibitions)
4.00 Workshop 4a: Resilience in coaching W4a:Carole Pemberton
(Chair: Stephen Palmer)
Case study 4: Unilever: Mentoring for change CS4: Katherine Ray (Chair: David Clutterbuck)
Workshop 4b: Using metaphor for creativity & wellbeing in coaching W4b: Katherine Long
(Chair: Liz Hall)
5.00 Coaching at Work 2011 Awards ceremony and closing remarks
5.15 CLOSE

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