Motivation – the Ultimate Guide to Leading Your Team
Catherine Stothart
ISBN 978 1032 26130 0

Catherine Stothart covers a lot of ground in this small book, drawing from her experience coaching leaders as well as her knowledge of psychological type and temperament, two models associated with the MBTI psychometric.

She begins by outlining the concepts of motivation and purpose, and giving a number of ways for readers to begin to think about their own purpose.
The heart of the book is a clear explanation of the four temperaments (improviser, stabiliser, theorist and idealist), including a useful self-quiz for readers to identify likely temperament preference. The temperaments are clearly linked with specific motivation and other management needs. Stothart then turns to leading and managing, and outlines helpful strategies for building purpose, persistence, resilience and good working relationships for oneself and in a team.
Motivation is both a primer for leaders and managers and a practical, applied introduction to temperament theory.

Perhaps the book could be improved with a little more room on the page in which to reflect and allow the content to ‘breathe’. However, within the first week, I was referring to its material to increase a client’s motivation in our coaching work, so it will stay close to hand!