How to increase the chances of an aha moment

By Liz Hall

The more you push for an “aha moment”, the less likely it is you´ll get one but you can create conditions to make it more likely to happen, said Christian van Nieuwerburgh.

To encourage new thinking in clients, we need to encourage them to “unfocus”, be creative, experience challenge and believe, said Dr van Nieuwerburgh, senior lecturer at the University of East London´s School of Psychology in the United Kingdom.

Research on the brain shows that just before an aha moment the brain goes into an alpha (relaxed) state, then suddenly there is a “gamma spike”, where a constellation of neurons bind together for the first time to create a new neural network pathway. This is the creation of a new idea. So it helps to allow the brain to “be idle” such as going for a walk, said Dr van Nieuwerburgh.

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  1. says:

    Aha moments are great for us and for our clients. Taking time out clearing my mind of everything helps me with the process of aha moments. Sometimes they feel small ones just guiding me to think or do something differently.

    Other times they have been life changing.

    I love getting lost in books listening to others talk sharing experiences and listening to music all of which I find faciltate the aha moment if it is there and ready to be shared with me. At other times I have learnt the value of patience and time and the aha moment will reveal itself all in good time

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