Bottom-line measures ‘undermine’ coaching

By Tamsin Slyce Coaches who market their work using return on investment (ROI) risk undermining coaching’s professionalism, argued Anthony Grant of Sydney University at the Association for Coaching (AC) UK’s first conference. Such bottom-line measures ignore important variables and can only be indicative of a single specific engagement, Grant told delegates at the AC UK/University of East London Leadership Coaching conference on 8 July. For coaching to continue to grow it must build its credibility through more sophisticated evidence-based models and metrics, he said. In what many delegates found to be a provocative and entertaining talk, Grant exposed the limited […]

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    Although I didn’t attend this talk by Grant, I agree with the caution on RoI. But I would recommend an organisation do 1-2 case studies of coaching engagements – so that they see how subjective an estimate RoI is and have a first hand look at the wide range of variables in play in any single coaching engagement. I would hope these cases would encourage them to take an approach that is closer to what Grant proposed – demonstrated value

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