EMCC 22nd annual international conference, Istanbul, Turkey, 19-21 November 2015 “Music comes from silence” Tanguy Lunven “Change occurs when we become who we are, but not when we try to become who we’re not” “Where you don’t want to go, that’s where the learning edge is” John Leary-Joyce   AC Coaching with Mastery symposium, 10 November 2015, Glasgow, Scotland “The more empathic you are as a coach, the more at risk you are of burnout” “We don’t pay enough attention to case formulation nor to decision-making theory in coaching” “Sitting with not knowing is a tough ask, but it’s what we […]


VOX POP To celebrate our 10th anniversary, we asked readers to share their top three books of the decade on coaching/mentoring, or which inspire their practice   SALLY BONNEYWELL Flawed But Willing, Khurshed Dehnugara A brilliant, challenging, inspiring and disturbing book about working with people and leaders in organisations. A must-read for team coaches. It pushes the boundaries on how and why our thinking, approach, mindset and way of being needs to shift for the ‘age of connection’. The Art of Possibility, Rosamund and Ben Zander A general book about an approach to people, potential and possibility. Accessible and inspiring. The Power […]