Welcome to the January 2014 issue of the newsletter

Welcome to the January 2014 issue of the newsletter

A very Happy New Year to you all. Resolutions are not everyone’s cup of tea and goal setting is not the be all and end all in coaching, but we all appreciate the power identifying meaningful goals can have. Do you have any New Year’s resolutions, or at least a general sense of what you want this year to look like? The Institute of Leadership and Management asked 1,001 workers about their workplace resolutions- 31 % identified improving work/life balance, 28% a desire to receive more training or attain a new qualification, 13% to become a better manager, and 11% to be more productive at work. A fifth plan to quit their job this year.

One of our resolutions here at Coaching at Work is to make extra sure we’re giving you what you want. We’ve now gone through the results of our survey on the topics you’re interested in for conferences and masterclasses (thanks to those of you who responded). Our masterclass line-up for this year takes your responses into account- neuroscience, coaching through transitions, leadership and team coaching are among the hot topics and we’ve announced dates for masterclasses on all four (see Diary Dates) with more in the pipeline. We’re using your responses to inform our choices for our annual conference on 2 July too.

Liz Hall Editor, Coaching at Work, Winner of the Association for Coaching Award for Impacting (Leadership/External Focus) Service to the Wider Community for 2010–11

Employers getting it wrong in career progression schemes for women

by Liz Hall Many employers are barking up the wrong tree in their initiatives to promote women’s career progression, suggests research. Despite an increase in women on boards, the number of women being promoted into executive roles to replace them has fallen and businesses are failing to take the right steps to resolve this imbalance, suggests Ines Wichert from Kenexa’s Smarter Workforce Institute. Dr. Wichert, senior psychologist at the Institute’s Women in Leadership hub carried out research among 1,145 UK male and female employees, showing that what women want in terms of their career isn’t necessarily what ‘really works’ to […]