Resilience Coaching with the Grid™

Resilience Coaching with The Grid™:Achieve great results, transform lives, and grow your practice.
with Magdalena Bak-Maier

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Seminar date: Thursday 30th January 2020
Venue: The BPS London Offices
Timings: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

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Masterclass outline

The Grid™ is a simple tool and framework integrating neuroscience, positive psychology and evidence based multi-modality coaching which increases productivity and well-being. The masterclass will benefit coaches who are interested in adding a new tool and process to their 1:1 work.

Masterclass Aims and objectives

During the day you will:

  • Be introduced to important neuroscientific insights to help facilitate effective behavioural change in little time and without much talking.
  • Get an overview of the Grid™ and how it helps people integrate the person within while also increasing their productivity and health.
  • Apply the Grid™ using several common coaching scenarios.
  • Leave motivated and confident to go beyond talk-only interventions to tackle motivation, belief, hope and resistance to change.
  • Develop practical ideas for how you can add the Grid™ to your practice.

The day will include a mixture of short inputs, peer coaching and three specific activities to take away and try immediately.

Masterclass Content

The Grid™ facilitates the development of a compelling holistic vision, maintenance of healthy boundaries and helps shine light on what works and what doesn’t through factual, visually accessible information, that builds motivation for change immediately. Using experiential work and group facilitation, you will experience the Grid™ for yourself.


Magdalena Bak-Maier is driven by a deep curiosity of how the integration of mind, heart, body and spirit facilitates empowerment with the aim to advance human effectiveness, teamwork, healing and recovery. Her approach combines neuroscience, extensive training in coaching, therapy and conflict facilitation, original productivity tools and frameworks with a commitment to systemic improvement. In addition to a successful 1:1 practice her work contributes to talent development at leading research institutions in the EU and the USA. She has written two books: ‘Get Productive!’ translated into Chinese and Arabic, and ‘Get Productive Grid’ and her newest book on mindbody connection is soon available in paperback.
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